Under the management of EG Capital Advisors there is $600 million

As Forbes found out, the family of Boris Mints #72 has been developing an asset management business with Western partners in addition to projects in real estate development and on the pension market. The billionaire’s sons Alexander and Igor Mints are members of the supervisory board of EG Capital Advisors. EG Capital Advisors told Forbes that the company manages $600 million in assets and is part of a holding company of the same name established in 2016 by former O1 Properties investment director Michael Stanton and John Nakos, formerly an independent director of O1 Properties. They now own 80 percent of EG Capital Advisors. The team includes exits from O1 Group, Otkritie and Alexander Nesis’s East Group #46 . The company’s CEO Olga Tartakovskaya is a former financial director of O1 Group. A source close to EG Capital Advisors told Forbes that this year the company began actively hiring employees in the London office, although it is legally located in the Cayman Islands and manages the money of wealthy families and institutional investors.

EG Capital Advisors said the international MC has no connection to Futures Group and Boris Mints’ O1 Properties. In 2014, Boris Mints’ O1 Group bought a 26% stake in CA Immo and put it under management to EG Capital Real Estate, and in 2016 it sold it to the Austrian investment group Immofinanz.

The Stanton and Nakos holding company also includes Russian EG Capital Partners, which manages the assets of Boris Mints’s pension funds, incorporated in FG Future. Also under the management of EG Capital Partners are unit investment funds Edgy Estate and Edgy Estate First, among their assets (totaling 4.5 billion rubles) are securities of companies related to the business of Mints and his partners.

EG Capital Advisors is actively engaged in direct investments. The company invested in Chinese mutual loan service Dianrong, African telecom provider IHS Holding, biotech company RetroSense Therapeutics, online courses Coursera, American software developer Palantir Technologies and bioaccumulator manufacturer StoreDot. In May, EG Life Sciences Fund 1 was launched, which will invest in biotech and medical companies.

In 2016, EG Capital Advisors also co-sponsored a world chess championship match between Sergei Karjakin and Magnus Carlsen in New York. Boris Mintz, known for his fondness for chess, was present at the match.

“The portfolio is quite diverse, and it couldn’t have been put together by a team with experience only in the Russian market,” reflects the owner of one of the femiline offices. The owner of the other femili-office says that EG Capital Advisors has been attracting money from Russian clients who in recent years have had problems with service in European banks.

Boris Mints previously had experience in direct investments in technology companies, including in the Russian market. O1 Group invests through Buran Venture Capital funds (Mints’ eldest son Dmitry is on the board) in such companies as Ponominalu.ru, SravniKupi, Netology Group, Dashboard Systems, Shazam, GetIntent, ivi.ru.