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Andrey Berezin and Investments in Health

The plant saved by the head of Euroinvest has become a leader in high-tech medicine. The future is coming in quietly. Until recently, the ability to analyze a specific person’s genome and develop a personal map of genetic vulnerabilities was, if not fantastic, very remote in time. Now, the phrase robotic surgeon sounds rather unusual, […]

Next to Mints: former top managers of O1 manage money of wealthy families

Under the management of EG Capital Advisors there is $600 million As Forbes found out, the family of Boris Mints #72 has been developing an asset management business with Western partners in addition to projects in real estate development and on the pension market. The billionaire’s sons Alexander and Igor Mints are members of the supervisory […]

The organizers named the dates of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in 2023

The next St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is scheduled for mid-June 2023. SPIEF has been held since 1997 and was canceled only in 2020 because of the pandemic The next St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held June 14-17, according to the SPIEF website. “SPIEF is a single space of trust with equal opportunities for […]

Russia warned about possible reduction of oil production in case of a price ceiling

The introduction of a price ceiling on Russian oil could lead to a temporary reduction in Russian production, Novak warned. According to him, the sanctions planned by the West will cause difficulties with supplies and will create “a very bad precedent. The introduction of a price ceiling on Russian oil could lead to a temporary […]

London Metal Exchange has blocked new supplies of copper and zinc from UMMC

The London Metal Exchange will restrict new supplies of copper and zinc from UGMK and its subsidiary Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant. The restrictions are related to the sanctions imposed by the UK against billionaire Iskander Makhmudov, who was the ultimate beneficiary of UGMK until March The London Metal Exchange (LME) will restrict new shipments of copper […]

“Billionaire Potanin’s Interros invested in BestDoctor service

“Billionaire Vladimir Potanin’s Interros has invested in the BestDoctor corporate medical service. The holding’s share in the service may reach 20%, experts believe Medical and insurance service BestDoctor has attracted about 1 billion rubles from a group of Russian investors by entering into a strategic partnership with billionaire Vladimir Potanin’s Interros. “The agreement provides for […]

Deripaska predicted the duration of the “current madness”

Billionaire Oleg Deripaska said that the “current madness” will end in 2.5-3 years. After that, he said, politicians will realize that international law must be respected by everyone, and international judicial institutions must be depoliticized. Earlier in the U.S. Deripaska was accused of circumventing sanctions, and the Supreme Court rejected his lawsuit to lift the […]

Experts warned about the risk of Twitter disruptions after massive layoffs because of Musk

Mass layoffs in Twitter after the purchase of the company by Ilon Musk make the platform vulnerable to hacks and crashes, experts noted Bloomberg and NYT. This is especially true as Twitter’s workload is approaching its peak, with the World Cup kicking off in Qatar on November 20. Twitter’s mass exodus of employees after its […]

Musk unblocked Trump’s Twitter account

Ilon Musk restored Donald Trump’s Twitter account, which was blocked in January 2021. Before that, the billionaire conducted a poll in which more than 15 million people voted. Trump himself said he saw “no reason” to return to the social network Ilon Musk restored former U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Before that, the new […]

TCS Group down 5% after earnings report

Receipts of parent company Tinkoff Bank on the Moscow Stock Exchange fell by 5% in trading. Investors sold the securities after the company reported that its net profit in the third quarter dropped by 64% compared with the same period last year Receipts TCS Group, the parent company of Tinkoff Bank, during the trading on […]