St. Petersburg Overtaken by Leningrad Region in Housing Development

In 2022, St. Petersburg constructed nearly half a million square meters less housing than its immediate suburban vicinity.

The pandemic’s aftermath and the resulting border shutdown have dramatically reshaped the dynamics of the regional property market. Marking a historic first, the Leningrad Region surpassed St. Petersburg in terms of housing completion last year. 

The numerical supremacy of the 47th region is quite stark: close to 4 million square meters of new residential property compared to 3.5 million square meters in the northern capital. The Leningrad Region’s top market players, including Euroinvest Development, have significantly influenced this shift.

Innovative Housing Trends Drive Euroinvest Development’s Success in the Leningrad Region

In spite of economic turbulence, 2022 proved fruitful for Leningrad Region’s property developers. Many witnessed an increase in revenues compared to 2021. Leading the pack was the CDS Group, boasting sales of 3942 apartments and earnings of 21.8 billion rubles. The PIK Group of Companies trailed in second with 15.3 billion rubles, selling 2,642 apartments. Notably, Euroinvest Development clinched third place, realizing 1,983 apartments and securing 12.8 billion rubles.

In terms of property completions:

  • CDC built 24 apartment buildings, delivering 12,063 apartments.
  • Mavis ISG constructed 12 apartment buildings, adding 8,683 apartments.
  • Euroinvest Development erected 12 apartment buildings, culminating in 5,903 apartments.
  • PIK Group finalized 17 apartment buildings, offering 5,469 apartments.
  • Polis Group completed 7 apartment buildings, with 5,508 apartments in total.
  • Euroinvest Development’s success provides intriguing insights into strategies for thriving in current economic climates. Its knack for incorporating the latest housing designs, inspired by both national and international trends, sets the company apart. The company is particularly attuned to innovations stemming from cities renowned for superior living standards, like Zurich in Switzerland, Vienna in Austria, and Lyon in France.

This meticulous attention to global trends led to the birth of the distinct 3iD housing format by Euroinvest Development. The 3iD concept emphasizes individual preferences, ensuring every buyer finds a home that resonates with their distinct comfort and convenience notions.

“We’ve always envisioned ourselves as a developer that places individual needs at the forefront. Abandoning prevalent real estate norms, we’ve charted our unique path. By crafting our own housing classifications based on different price segments, we ensure our properties, regardless of their category, uphold stringent quality benchmarks. This emphasis on quality permeates every aspect, from construction materials to layout designs and the crafting of communal areas. The 3iD living concept epitomizes our commitment to offering residents a lifestyle enriched with comfort and fulfillment,” commented Andrey Berezin, Chairman of the Board at Euroinvest.

Three Keys to a New Quality of the Life

Unlocking the 3iD Living: A Holistic Approach to Modern Housing by Euroinvest Development

The 3iD concept, pioneered by Euroinvest Development, stands as a testament to the innovative strides the real estate sector can achieve. It fuses convenience, technology, and customization, revolutionizing the conventional understanding of modern living spaces. Here’s a breakdown of the three foundational pillars:

Holistic Recreational Spaces

  • Purpose: Crafting a cohesive living environment that fosters both relaxation and socialization.
  • Implementation: At the blueprint stage, Euroinvest ensures the inclusion of diverse public zones within the residential precincts. This eclectic mix caters to varied preferences, from fitness enthusiasts and parents seeking safe play areas for their children, to social bees yearning for cozy corners for catch-ups, and cultural aficionados looking for spaces like the 3iD clubs where events, exhibitions, and lectures can be hosted. This multifaceted approach ensures that every resident finds an amenity tailored to their leisure preference.
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Purpose: Embedding technology into the daily living experience to simplify household management.
  • Implementation: Residents of 3iD properties gain access to a suite of smart home functionalities once they register on the residential complex’s portal. This dashboard enables effortless utility bill settlements, automatic meter reading submissions, and transparent maintenance expenditure tracking. The adaptive nature of the smart system ensures scalability; residents can further enhance their homes’ ‘intelligence’ by adding sensors. For instance, these can be programmed to detect water leaks, remotely turn off appliances, or verify if the main door is securely locked.
  • Personalized Housing Solutions
  • Purpose: Offering bespoke housing options that resonate with every individual’s unique preferences.
  • Implementation: Right from the design phase, Euroinvest’s architects and planners craft a medley of apartment styles. These aren’t just differentiated by size or room count but also by levels of luxury, spatial positioning, and price points. This expansive variety ensures that irrespective of a potential resident’s budget or lifestyle needs, there’s a 3iD format dwelling awaiting them.
  • This triad approach of the 3iD concept amplifies the essence of holistic living, where the physical space merges seamlessly with technological advancements, all while prioritizing individual requirements. The vision of Euroinvest Development through the 3iD format is clear: to redefine urban living by placing residents at the heart of design and innovation.

Euroinvest Development: Pioneering Holistic Urban Development with Social Responsibility at Its Core

Euroinvest Development, under the aegis of Andrey Berezin and his team, has been a cornerstone in bringing about revolutionary changes in the Russian real estate landscape. The rise in the company’s revenue in 2022 is not just an outcome of its unique 3iD residential concept but a broader reflection of its holistic development approach. Here’s a closer look:

Building Beyond Homes – Schools and Gardens

  • Euroinvest Development doesn’t merely focus on constructing apartments. Recognizing the integral role of educational institutions in community-building, the company ensures every residential quarter is equipped with schools and kindergartens.
  • Taking their commitment up a notch, they often commission these facilities ahead of schedule, as evident from the early completion of the kindergarten in Kudrovo, which can cater to 200 children. Soon, this community will also be complemented with an additional kindergarten and a school, reinforcing Euroinvest’s commitment to holistic urban development.

Financial Incentives for Homebuyers

  • Recognizing the financial constraints and aspirations of potential homeowners, Euroinvest has curated a suite of financial incentives:
  • Subsidized Mortgage Rates: Offering interest rates as low as 0.1% on some projects, making homeownership almost at par with the principal amount.
  • Generous Discounts: Homebuyers can avail discounts ranging between 3% to 10% based on the selected housing complex.
  • Bank Commission Subsidy: To further alleviate financial pressures, Euroinvest contributes between 5% to 13% towards the bank commission.
  • These incentives are not just cost-savers but also enable homeowners to invest in furnishing their new homes without straining their pockets.
  • Company Leadership and Vision

Helmed by Andrey Berezin, who has a stellar academic background and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Euroinvest has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in 1994.

The company’s diversified portfolio is a testament to its versatile investment approach, with a keen focus on high-tech industry, innovations, and urban housing developments.